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“I wanted to make sure that I did the best dissertation that I could possibly do.”

Walden University Graduate

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“Academic writing is really the outcome of a dialogue.”

Assistant Professor of Management

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“Having an academic coach really made a very big difference for me.”

Nyasha Junior
Assistant Professor, Howard University

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Dissertation Doctor®

Our Dissertation Doctors provide focus, structure and support during your dissertation journey and help you achieve your academic goals. Learn More

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Academic Writing

Our Writing Experts help you formulate and communicate your ideas and master the craft of academic writing and research.Learn More

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Virtual Academic Writing Room

September 21 - December 18, 2015

To help you establish a daily writing practice, ACW offers a 12-week virtual Writing Room for those who work with a coach for three months.

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Academic Coaching

Our Academic Coaches support you to grow as a scholar, take charge of your career and take responsibility for achieving your goals. Learn More

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